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Are you around a child who..?


feels like a mystery


does things out of nowhere


is getting a reputation for being naughty or badly behaved


does things and then seems not to remember them


has big emotional outbursts


gets on OK with adults or younger children, but struggles with peers?


goes quiet, withdrawn, even unresponsive


you don't know what else to try

Often children’s behaviour leaves parents and professionals baffled and feeling totally dis-empowered. We’ve already changed things for 1000’s of grown-ups…
We can help you too. 

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Supporting Parents


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Trauma Informed Advisory Services
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Healing body + mind

How well do you understand children's behaviour?

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What others say

We’ve learnt more about this child in one afternoon with Claire than 6 months with our previous support.

Head Teacher

R.C. Primary School

It was so good to final talk to someone who actually ‘gets’ it. It was different – but so useful!
Thank you!!


Primary Child

My school is a different place because of the support of CHEW Initiatives over the last few years.

Head Teacher

Primary Academy School

Meet Claire Wilson


Claire’s broad experience over many years has led her to understand how Children, Health and Emotional Well-being are all connected. Hence the banner “C.H.E.W” for the range of projects and programs offered through CHEW Initiatives.

Her combined skills and knowledge makes Claire a unique resource for parents and professionals wanting insight and understanding when it comes to their children.

Discover the missing piece
in the puzzle of
children’s behaviour.

“I’ve read loads of books
about behaviour and relationships
and none have brought about understanding
like this one does
Inclusion Manager, Primary School

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The Starfish Story

I know this story is well known. I'm sure you have heard it before. This is my version of it. It 's good to come back to and remember it's message now and again. We may not be in a position to change the world for all children, but we can certainly make a...

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While we all continue to raise our voices and advocate for better provision for the mental health of children and young people, we need to talk about what is already happening. It may be that we can make what is there even better, even more effective. Many...

because it's all connected

Supporting Children, Health and Emotional Well-being for parents and professionals.

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