There seem to be so many people out there who, like me, have been through the experience of a car crash and survived, but they don’t really know what to do in the first days, weeks or months to help themselves recover and heal their mind as well as body.

I believe that this is a major reason for a lot of post traumatic stress that people don’t even realise they have…yet it affects them, and those around them in all sorts of ways; moods, snappy, emotional, struggling to articulate what you mean, concentration, planning etc are just a few…

All of these are symptoms of stress that show the impact of the trauma is still sitting in the body, and it can still be there even after months or years.

People often feel like they are going mad, because they don’t understand the changes in them and their personality or ability.
The people living with them often start to wonder if their loved one is going mad too, because they don’t understand either…

Obviously not everyone who experiences a car accident will be like this – but it is amazing how many people I have spoken to, who really relate. It is actually very common – and not because of madness!

So I wrote After the Crash – eBook. I wanted to see if I could offer some practical help and encouragement to survivors and their friends, family and colleagues.  Obviously my professional therapeutic training fed into it – but I purposely kept it all really simple and easy to read. I remember what it was like trying to read something after my crash!
The feedback I have had already is just humbling – even people who know someone who had a crash years ago, now seem to be understanding what they went through in a whole new way.

If you want to check it out for yourself then you can buy the e-book here

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After the Crash Book

After the Crash eBook

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with you ebook. I particularly like the way it is set out; small bite sized pieces of information – absolutely vital for those who have recently experienced trauma. I hope that one day your book will be given to everyone who presents at their GP or A&E Department after a car crash. Being given a copy of this book immediately following a collision might prevent years of unnecessary suffering.
Jan – Therapist, Supervisor, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner

Thank you so much for sharing this Claire. She (friend) burst into tears when she read it and said ‘someone really understands what she is going through’. You are an angel.
Clive – Firefighter

Thanks so much for taking the time to put all this together. Fantastic advice. I’m certain it will help my friend. Especially for all the hidden and underlying issues that you couldn’t hope to be aware of. Thank again.
S – Youth Worker

Thank you for everything… you’ve been the first person to take me seriously & understand. As you suggested I went to the GP and he signed me off for a week. I burst into tears when I sat down! My partner’s told me not to cry as it’s bad for me as it tenses me up…you get some idea of what I’m living with!! This ebook is going to help us both!!
C – Psychologist