Meet Claire Wilson

Founder & Clinical Director of CHEW Initiatives

Making a Difference one Starfish at a time

Anyone who has been around children for any length of time, knows that things can get challenging. Most often people seek Claire out when a child is behaving in a way the adults are struggling with.

“I believe that all behaviour is understandable… when we know the bigger picture, and the bigger story going on for a child. When we can understand – really understand, not jumping to quick conclusions – then we are all in a better place to know what needs to happen to support that child to bring out their best again. 

We can change things. Together, we can make a difference, one starfish, one child, one family, even one classroom at a time.”

My school is a different place after working with Claire and CHEW Initiatives for several years…

Headteacher, Therapeutic Advisory Partner School

Some of my story…

I’ve always had an ability to see things from a child’s perspective. I get how they think, how the world makes sense to them. And I believe they want what we all want: To be safe. To be seen. To be wanted. To be respected, loved, nurtured and celebrated.

After many years as a class teacher in the UK, I spent time working with street kids in Brazil and India. When I came back to the UK I knew I was meant to do something else… I trained as a Play Therapist and after a few years I was working with children CAMHS were referring to me.

A car crash helped me understand everything I’d learnt about trauma in my head and made it real in my body. It also made me know I am still here… for a reason. I believe my reason is to continue advocating for children and empowering grown-ups to understand children better, to connect in deeper ways and know what to do to help them thrive.

So many of the children who are struggling have met trauma. Trauma is real, it changes lives but does not have to be a life sentence, for the child or those around them.

Experience really matters…

Claire Wilson is highly experienced in working with children, parents and professionals. She is passionate about helping people understand the connections between emotional well being and physical health, creating a safe environment where people are empowered to increase their resilience and reach their potential.
Her specific expertise in helping children and adults understand and emerge from trauma, is rooted in many years of professional practice and her own personal experience.

Whether you meet her in a clinical or other professional capacity, in her characteristic, safe, insightful and creative way she will likely be focusing on children, health and/or emotional wellbeing… because it IS all connected.


  • Speaker (TEDx), Lecturer, Trainer
  • Workshops + Coaching
  • School Therapeutic Advisory Service 
  • 1:1 trauma recovery therapeutic work


  • MA in Practice-Based Play Therapy (Trauma Specialism) with CCCU / APAC 
  • Accredited Play Therapist, PTUK
  • TRE Certified Provider
  • QEC Certified Practitioner
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (Senior Status) of Play & Creative Arts Therapists + Trainees
  • Experienced Teacher FS, KS1, KS2 
  • Full and enhanced CRB
  • Full Professional Indemnity insurance with Oxygen
  •  Author of ‘GROUNDED ~ Discovering the Missing Piece in the Puzzle of Children’s Behaviour’ currently available in 5 languages worldwide

because it's all connected

Supporting Children, Health and Emotional Well-being for parents and professionals.

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