When adults realise that they need help, we understand that reaching out can be the hardest thing.

We work with many amazing people who have already tried talking therapies and got nowhere.

Getting help is often not only for your benefit, but also for those you are around at home and at work.

Childhood trauma
car crashes
recent trauma
shaking body

We work with a small private practice. Parents, professionals, Grandparents

Everything that has ever happened to us has an impact on our body. As Bessel Van de Kaulk, an international trauma expert says, our body truely does ‘Keep the Score’

Our muscles, our nervous system and not just our mind. We work with clients in a way that helps them understand what is going on, and empowers them with tools to heal from these expereinces – often without needing to talk about them in any detail.

When we work with clients it is with the whole person. Combining decades of experience of therapeutic work, creating safety combining therapy skills we use a blend of approaches to build resilience and heal at a safe pace

TRE QEC Creative Arts

Clients are empowered to work with their own body and everything is done at the speed that is safe for both body and mind.

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“I never knew this existed for trauma.” Mother of 3

“If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t be here now.” Professional

“This thing you are teaching me, it’s working…” Grandparent, 72 yrs

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