Today I absolutely want to celebrate 2 women I know. They work in the same office as me (currently – but that’s a whole other blog!). I went in today for the first day back after the Christmas break to see one of them floating round the office, soaking up compliments with a new hair do, new clothes and brand spanking new self-confidence to accompany her new self-image.
The other sidled up to me in a more reserved way, but still had something to tell me…
You see if you turned the clock back several months, the picture was very different. The first lady barely left her desk and was really struggling with her weight – despite, as she told me ‘having done every diet under the sun’. The other lady was (unbeknownst to me) silently going through a private nightmare researching everything she could find about weight loss and how to do it. She was gaining a lot of knowledge and yet still putting on the pounds.
Since then the first lady took me up on my suggestion she try the RESET program… she has stuck with it and today’s version of herself is over 2 stone less than she was. She said she now has no back pain, is sleeping better, no hip pain,and has been able to start exercising too. She was an inspiration to the second lady…
Who took courage in her hands and asked me what it was all about. She told me she could talk at me for an hour about everything she knew she needed to do to loose weight, but still, with her best will-power to do it, was putting on a pound a day. I explained about the blood glucose addiction factor, which is really tough to break with will-power alone. I told her about the 2 stages of the RESET programe she could do to break that pattern – a 5 day DETOX and cleanse that would reset her system, and then a Transform phase which would continue to establish new, low-glycemic habits for her body and lifestyle. Once she realised this is not a diet… but a science-based, sensible program to help stop the out-of-control choas and guilt and develop a better lifestyle…She began within days.
So what of todays great news? When she got on the scales on Christmas Day (for the first time in over a month) she was 13 lbs lighter! The quiet delight in her was so precious. There is hope there now where before she had none.
They have both told me how much they enjoy the balanced meal replacement nutritious smoothies, and snacks… but most of all they love the sense of being in control of their bodies again – getting healthier day by day – and being able to head towards their health goals, free from the down-ward spiral.
Ladies, I take my hat off to you both. I knew Reset could help – but you have stuck with it, and are seeing the results! You have inspired me too…I don’t have stones to loose… but I’m off to order what I need, to do my next 5 day Detox next week. Thank you.