I had the honour to go back to the Uni this week, and do my day as a Guest Lecturer! It really makes me chuckle to fill in the necessary forms with that title… But I guess that’s the nearest ‘box’ they can fit me in! Yes I was a guest, but I don’t think I would describe myself as a ‘lecturer’ in the conventional sense of the word!!!
Three great groups of students gave me their time and interaction and I gave them my all. I think they got lots of ‘heart’ as well as new knowledge and some new paradigms, but then (as many people already know), when I start talking about children that’s often what happens 😉
I was tired by the end of the day, but in a lovely way… and left with a sense of peace and fulfillment, because they gave me something too. One of the dreams I have is very big – one of those that there is no way I can achieve on my own: I long to improve children’s lives. I know the numbers I long to affect can only happen through empowering the people around the children…and the ‘team’ that is going to help make it happen just got a bit bigger on Wednesday. I was brought in to speak about Play Therapy, but when I left I had a sense (and some written feedback forms) that even those who know that Play Therapy as a profession, is not for them, left with some new ways to better understand and connect with the children in their care.
It is a humbling thought to ponder, from the students I spent time with on Wednesday… How many 100s or 1000s of children might have a better experience of being understood and connected with in life through these sincere, dedicated, and developing practitioners? That, I guess I’ll never know.
I do know they were a great group and I loved being with them!