Clair H recently got in touch to ask for some guidance in loosing weight. She jumped at our award-winning, science-based weight management program and has such great focus and clarity about what she wanted and why. She is loving her results (although we are not so surprised by those) and we are loving her attitude. She is only 3 weeks in and already down 1 stone 3lbs. This is how she has found it so far…

ClairH (11)

Where do you live?

I currently live in Dublin’s fair city, well South of Dublin really in a little village called Rathcoole. I am, however, (and feel compelled to point this out) a Lancastrian by birth and a true Northerner through and through.

Do you work with children – if so doing what?

I do indeed work with children and have done for nearly all of my adult life. I am currently working with a family who have three children one of whom is physically disabled with cerebral palsy, they are all a joy and a challenge at times.

How did your weight affect you/and how you were around the children you work with?

I have always been quite self conscious about my weight, and when I first started this job in particular I felt my fitness was not up to scratch and that the few extra pounds I had gained from having stopped smoking were impacting on my health and keeping up with generally running around after three children. I was aware that at times the eldest child particularly picked up on my being down a little.

Have you ever tried to loose weight before?

Blimey where do you want me to start with that epic story??? LOL. I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to lose weight, I have been successful but for some reason it always creeps back on when I least expect it to.

So why did you choose this program?

I chose this program because I was inspired by the status of an old friend on facebook….See Social Media is not all bad (and Claire I don’t actually mean that you are old!!!!! lol) [of course you didn’t – we’re the same age! -Ed]. I was at a low ebb at that time and had started to think about trying to lose weight again, mainly because I discovered that I was the heaviest I had ever been at 14st 1lb, I had lost a few pounds and wavered at around 13st 9lb – 13st 6lb, but it got me down with the yoyo-ing. I spoke at length to Claire who explained the principles of the program based on a low GI diet after a detox and I thought this is for you girl go to it and so I did.

What is your favourite new product so far?

I love the peanut butter bars they really satisfy my sweet tooth and taste really good. I also like the vanilla shake….but you can keep the strawberry one, it’s not for me I’m afraid.

What was it like during the 5 Day RESET phase?

Surprisingly I managed really well with this. As well as the low GI meals and snacks I got in my pack, I had some low GI fruit and ate a few walnuts if I felt peckish during the day at all. Going out with friends was a massive challenge especially as they all had lunch, but I was very good and asked for a garden salad of lettuce, onion, tomatoes without dressing and had a snack bar after this. I avoided tea and coffee as well which was no mean feat, but I thought detox means detox, no cheating that sets me up to cheat and have bad habits. Anyone who knows me well will know once I start something I become stubborn and determined to succeed.

What has surprised you so far?

The biggest surprise so far has been that I have not really missed not eating cakes, sweets or biscuits, for me not to eat those is nothing short of a miracle.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest struggle has been not having bread, potatoes, rice and pasta as they were part of my staple diet previously. That said, because I am stubborn and determined I have learnt about foods with low GI that I could use as a substitute.

How helpful / supportive were the people around you?

My parents have been brilliant, even my dad who would be the first to try and tempt has been really good and when I have declined anything, and has not pursued it further (and trust me that’s a big thing.) My partner has not been the greatest when I came back to Dublin and told him about this, all he was bothered about was how much it was costing me. (Typical). Claire Wilson has been amazing with her phone calls, emails, messages on facebook and I am eternally grateful for that. Also the 21 Day Trim Down daily emails and other resources, have provided further support and useful information I can keep going back to.

Have you noticed any changes other than weight loss / shrinking!?

Yes. Even after the first 5 Days, I felt a great deal of difference in terms of my energy levels and I was sleeping better too.

What have your learned so far?

I have learnt that losing weight does not need to be a chore, all you need to do is listen to your body and make sure it gets a good balanced diet but one that keeps your blood sugars balanced.

How are you feeling about the next phase?

I’m looking forward to the next phase, where I can introduce a few more carbs, but I think I will be keeping them all low GI. I will continue my current plan for a while longer till I hit my goal weight.

How do you think this journey might affect the way you are around the children you work with?

I think this will have a quite profound and positive effect on way I am around the children I work with. Feeling happier in yourself shows outwardly, children are very perceptive (something we should never forget). They can sense if you are not yourself. A happy you means they too will be happy.

Anything else you think other people should know about this experience?

I advise anybody to give this a go, it’s not a diet rather more it is an education programme about eating the right things for you body, mind and spirit. Thanks Claire.
3 WEEKS : down 1 stone 3 lbs  so far… 
Thanks for sharing your story with us Clair. Congratulations on your success so far. We know you’ll be at your goal before you know it. We’ll catch up with you again for a chat and maybe a full length pic then too?!