Maxine S¬†decided it was time for change…and let a friend’s recommendation help her start her journey back to health after a few years that have been really emotionally tough. This is how she found the 5 Day Detox…


Where do you live?

In Droylsden, Manchester.

Do you have or work with children – if so doing what?

Not only do I have 2 children, but for my sins, I am an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader!

How did your weight affect you/and how you were around the children you work with?

Even though I am tall (5″7) the weight was not visible to the naked eye, however, having sat down at work for most of the day, when I looked down at my feet, it was as though I was sharing my chair with another person. The later in the day, the more the gravity took hold. Knowing this, I would deliberately chose an outfit every morning, that would hide my shape. To make matters worst, on an evening when I would go to scouts, I found it difficult to keep up with the Beavers – not surprisingly, they are aged 4 – 8 years! That sluggish feeling, at the end of the day, was taking a hold.

Have you ever tried to loose weight before?

Yes and I was successful. But I’ve been through a lot in the last few years, and it has all crept back on again.

So why did you choose this program?

I was at the stage where I had convinced myself I was suffering from the SAD syndrome. My friend saw straight through this and suggested I take some supplements to give my body back what it was lacking, alongside this weight programme. I did not have an illness, I was just tired – like most people – but instead of trying to find out why, I just self-diagnosed myself with something that was closest to the way I was feeling. After just 5 days, I found myself with a new lease on life and so she suggested I go to the gym to utilize this extra energy. To my surprise, I enjoy it! I have started to feel healthier – running around with Beavers isn’t such a chore! I have seen first hand how these products work as my friend has been using them for some time, and she looks good!

What is your favourite new product so far?

The strawberry nutrimeal is (and probably always will be!) my favourite. It is so easy to make. A few ounces of water, 3 scoops of shake and result! For the busy lifestyle I am leading, this is ideal.

What was it like starting to loose weight this way?

I think it’s the best way. I know exactly what I am putting into my body, and exactly what it is doing for my body. I know that everything is science-based and top quality – which is why it works.

What has surprised you so far?

The speed at which I started to feel the difference. The lack of tiredness. That sluggish feeling. It all went away so quickly.

What was your biggest challenge?

Getting used to the idea of not eating, but mainly drinking for a few days! Sounds strange, but it is a hard habit to break. I think it’s just habit though…because all food ends up as liquid inside us eventually!

How helpful / supportive were the people around you?

At no point did I ever feel I was on my own. Not only did I work with my friend who put me on the programme, but I knew there was a wider team available for support, should I need any.

Have you noticed any changes other than weight loss / shrinking!?

Yes, the energy. I feel like I could take on the world – I even registered to run the Manchester half marathon.

What have your learned so far?

So much about health and wellness. To be aware of what you’re putting into your body, but most importantly, you cannot put a cost on your health.

How are you feeling about the next phase?

Scared out of my wits! I know it can work, but I don’t know if I have the sticking power. It’s more about me really. I know loads of others have been able to do it, so I guess I should too. I’ll just keep setting short term goals – anything longer scares me.

How do you think this journey might affect the way you are around the children you know?

Massive awareness. I don’t buy my children sugary cereal anymore and I limit the amount of sweets they have. Education is a good thing, and I’m passing it on to them too.

What do your children think of you and your weight loss journey so far?

They are pleased for me. I have more time and energy to spend with them. I do things now I could not be bothered to do before. The kind of things that would involve me using my legs for walking rather than just pushing the pedals in my car!

Anything else you think other people should know about this experience?

Yes. It is well worth it, but they should be warned about possible headaches. I know these don’t happen to everyone, and they can be controlled easily by drinking plenty of water, but lack of experience and being ‘hard of hearing’ (I just didn’t listen to the advice when I was given it), made me find out the hard way.
5 DAYS in : down 6 lbs so far…
Thanks for that Maxine. What a great start to getting back in control again. Keep going like this and those Beavers will be finding it hard to keep up with you!