Clare C has been a well-respected teacher in primary schools for many years, however, like so many teachers she was feeling the strain. She decided it was time to get proactive – as she wanted to maintain her health whilst still doing the job she loves. Here’s what she had to say…


Where do you live?

For about ten years I lived in Great Barr, Birmingham, before moving over to Walsall. I find it ‘greener’ here. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and the dog loves going for walks in the fields across the road!

Do you have or work with children – if so doing what?

Since qualifying as a primary school teacher over fifteen years ago I’ve worked in primary schools. I love my job, although it can be physically and mentally demanding. I specialize in music and now I choose to spend much of my week teaching music in several different schools, as well as teaching instrumental lessons in the evenings.

What do you find are some of the challenges to your health doing your job?

I think it would be using my voice a lot on a daily basis. I used to suffer with tonsillitis or severe colds nearly every school holiday. I’d also be physically tired and would often fall asleep on the sofa in the evenings.

Why did you start using nutritional products?

I didn’t enjoy being ill nearly every school holiday; I craved better health and more energy! I’d tried various things when I was a student, but I don’t have memories of them actually helping. When a friend – who also worked in schools – recommended these products I didn’t hesitate. She showed me how being made to a ‘pharmaceutical grade’ made a difference, and it made sense to me; plus I trusted her opinion. I knew she had used these products and had experienced great results with them, and to be honest I couldn’t wait to get started!

So which nutritional products do you currently use and why?

I use Usana’s Essentials; the separate pots of Antioxidants and Chelated Minerals mean my body can access the different vitamins and minerals when it most needs them. I also take BiOmega every day, as a fantastic source of essential fatty acids; my hair, skin and nails all look great, and my mood is consistently bright too (a definite positive being a teacher!).
As well as teaching, I play a fair bit of sport and like to keep active, so I take Procosa to help look after my joints, both now and for the future. And in case of any sneaky niggles, or children sneezing a lot around (or over) me, I also keep a pot of Proflavanol handy for added protection and an extra boost for my immune system. All in all, I feel much healthier now than I did ten years ago – and falling asleep on the sofa is a thing of the past!

What about food? Where does that fit in?

Thankfully, I love colour on my plate, so I’ve always been good at eating a range of fruit and vegetables every day. Realistically, I know that some evenings, (and daytimes!) at particular times of the year, will be busy, so I’m careful to plan ahead, and make sure that I keep a Nutrimeal shake in the kitchen cupboard. I’m always well-stocked on Usana’s low GI snack bars too, so I can grab a bar or a shake when I’m in a rush, rather than grabbing anything from any golden arches or other fast food establishments!

So have you noticed any changes in your health since using these products?

Absolutely! I’ve been using these supplements for over four years now, and continue to have great results. My energy levels have increased, my recovery time from injury etc is much quicker, and I feel much healthier overall than I used to.

Have any of those changes had a knock-on effect for how you function generally, or how you are with the children you work with?

I find that I’m able to do more, and in general I enjoy life much more now I have such a high level of wellbeing. In terms of the children I work with, I’d say that I have more energy, am more patient, and am able to sit down on and get up from Nursery and Reception chairs much more easily!

Have you ever had to explain to children you know why you take these products? 

Yes – my nephews asked me lots of questions. I explained to them about free-radicals and how important antioxidants are, and they really got it. Both of them are keen advocates of the products now! They both take Usanimals, and are incredibly active in the evenings and at weekends, whilst still having plenty of energy and concentration on daily basis at school. Their teachers have commented on how healthy and ‘ready for school’ they are every day.

What tips would you give someone who was interested in looking for a good supplement but doesn’t want to waste their money?

First I’d say, ask yourself what price you put on your health?
Seriously, I’d suggest they really think about it, and consider whether products that are really cheap can be of real quality?  Also I’d suggest comparing different products, and not just on price and ingredients but on other things too, like the standard of manufacturing. Check for third party opinions too… but only from people who know what they are talking about…and aren’t being paid millions to endorse a particular product.
And then try it – see yourself in the future enjoying improved health, and be glad that you made the decision to invest in yourself now.
4 Years of investing in health…
Thanks for that Clare. Sounds like you are definitely getting the results you wanted… And it’s fantastic that your nephews have such a great start at really understanding health concepts at their age. You are clearly a great teacher, in school and out!