The Best Way to Learn TRE…

…is by starting with an Initial Consultation session, which gives us both a chance to meet each other, and you have the opportunity to be taken through the TRE process so you will know what will happen in future, should you decide to continue.
Then, it is through a series of TRE 1:1 sessions. Most people opt for 3 introductory sessions, with the support and guidance of a qualified Certified TRE Practitioner.
These work best if they happen at least weekly. Sessions after this can happen in a more spread out pattern, at the agreement of you and your TRE Provider..
After this some people are equipped to continue on their own, whilst others choose to continue having a regular session with extra support from a qualified practitioner.

Who might benefit?

TRE is already used by street kids in South Africa, people in the military and armed forces, Olympic athletes, first response professionals (fire fighters, ambulance crews etc), other people with emotionally intense jobs (social workers, therapists etc), body-work professionals (chiropractors, sacro-cranial therapists etc), world-recognised neuroscientists, business executives, teachers, foster parents, youth workers, hair dressers… and anyone else who has a body!

Who will the sessions be with?

All the CHEW TRE sessions are currently with CHEW’s Clinical Director, Claire Wilson. Claire has been a big advocate of TRE ever since she found out about it, and more so since she trained in it. Infact, she chose it as the focus of her research for her Master Degree. She featured it as a great tool for people recovering from trauma in her book After the Crash. It’s no secret that she wishes she had known about TRE after her own car crash.  However, it’s never too late…and she now uses it at home, (and work too when the need arises) to release day-to-day tension from her body.
She is a qualified and Certified TRE Provider and uses her years of other therapeutic training and experience to ensure people stay safe and enjoy their sessions.


TRE sessions generally take place at a venue in Sutton Coldfield, in the West Midlands.
On occasion it may be possible to have the sessions in your own home (if you live locally) but this will increase the cost.


Sessions can be arranged for daytime or evening.  Generally one session will last 60-75 mins.

What will happen?

  • an initial chat about your reasons for wanting to learn TRE
  • a conversation checking out and covering some physical safety basics
  • demonstration of the 6 exercises
  • support as you join in the exercises
  • support as you learn to experience your body’s natural stress release mechanism
  • time to allow the body to integrate the experience
  • chance to reflect on the experience and ask any remaining questions before you go
  • often people are given some ‘homework’ to try before next time too

The 6 exercises are designed to gently stretch and fatigue the core muscles that hold on to tension long term, and begin a natural process of releasing the stress in the muscles, the same way that animals have done instinctively for millennia.
Most people find this a great experience, and because they can stop the process at any time, are able to release tension (and if relevant, trauma too) in a very empowered way.

What should I wear?

Clothes you are comfortable in. Most people wear a tracksuit or leggins. We will take shoes off for the exercises.

How much does it cost?

That depends on you.
Initial Consultation Session can be booked at £70.
The following sessions can all be booked individually at a price of £60 per session*.
*For concessions and block booking rates please get in touch.
You will need to pay by cash at your session, or by direct transfer before your session. You will be given the details for this when you book for your initial session and receive the details of the venue.

GIVING a Gift of TRE and all that it can mean to someone’s life and health, is a powerful gift to give.

Schools, parents, adult children are already among those who have given the gift of TRE to people they care about, for birthdays, significant occasions, or just because… Gifting someone TRE sessions can be an arrangement just between the 2 of you, or feel free to contact me.

Will I have to talk through my life history?

No. Primarily TRE is a non-talking, body-working way of getting rid of the lasting impact of the things we have been through.
Sometimes people choose to talk about things and that is fine. All sessions are totally confidential.

I am ready to book, how do I go about it?

Contact Claire through the CHEW CONTACT page, leave your relevant contact details, and a message to say when is the best time, and method to contact you, and Claire will get in touch with you to arrange booking your sessions via telephone or email.