“Amazing”     “Magic”       “Profound”      “Lifeline”

These are some of the words I have heard people use to describe the changes in children after they attend Play Therapy sessions.
If a child is ready to process things that may have happened to them in the past, things they are experiencing in the present or things they are worried about for the future, then Play Therapy is (in my humble…) the BEST way for them to go there. Why? Because they wont really know they are.
You see in the way I do play therapy, most of the time I use a non-directive model, which means that the child is the one who chooses what we play, whether they play on their own or with me, and how long they spend on any particular activity. Although this amount of choice often blows them away (it’s not like school!) this choice is really important in the context of therapy, as it enables the child to keep themselves psychologically safe.
So many of the children I have worked with over the years have been through horrible things. I don’t expect them to tell me about it all…why would they want to – even if they had the words (which mostly they don’t). So instead we use the language of play…and gradually they start playing out what they need to give attention to. It is an amazing thing.
What age do you work with?   4 upwards.  I specialize in 4-11s who have experienced trauma.
How long have you been doing this?   Over 9 years. I am an accredited therapist, I have done over 1000 sessions with children so far (and still loving it!) and I supervise other play therapists too.
How often are sessions?   Once a week during term time.
What is in the room?   A selection of toys and creative items: paint, clay, puppets, house, role play, sand tray and miniature figures, music, stories, oh, and an indoor slide 😉
How do I find out more?   Contact me and I’ll help you get the information you need.  You can also check the website of PTUK . Best of all you can find out for yourself by coming to a Taster Day – get in touch to find out when the next one is.
Can I watch the sessions?   No they are confidential. What you can do though is read “Dibs” on the recommended list, it is a true story and the closest you can get to being a fly on the wall.

” The whole process has been invaluable to X and his family. Claire has always been approachable. She has been a consistent part of X’s life and has helped him overcome issues/problems that he has had. We all thank Claire very much. ”
” I am very pleased with his progress. I see many changes that show improvement.  his imagination is developing. He is talking more and without getting upset. He is more emotionally mature and able to listen and understand. I am really grateful for the service. ”
” Thank you so much for all your help. It has made our lives easier and X’s most of all. I would recommend it to any other parent.”
“This has had an excellent impact on a complex child.”
” The change in X’s behaviour was very noticeable from early on. We do not know (nor do we need to!) the exact details of the sessions but many of the staff have noticed the impact. Thank you.”