I have come to know a fair bit about trauma… through my therapeutic training and 11 years experience, Masters research and real life lessons! From this combination of knowledge and real-lived experience I want to help more professionals understand how trauma impacts a child and what to do to help them.
If you work with children or young people then it is likely that some of them have experienced trauma…and may still be in a state of post traumatic stress, which will be affecting their ability to learn and their behaviour.
As a leader, governor or someone in a position of influence would it be helpful to you to get some more understanding on what this all really means?
Would you benefit from taking some time to refresh yourself about the impact traumatic experiences can have on children and consider with a colleague how your school or organisation might be helping or making life harder?


This 2-3 hr training course gives anyone working with children a great foundation of understanding trauma, the impact for children, and how best to help them. It will also address key policy issues that leaders and other people in key positions of influence in schools need to be considering.
Each school sends AT LEAST 2 staff as the course will include reflective discussion around your particular setting.
Previous attendees include – Head Teachers, Deputy Heads, Child + Family Support Workers, SENCOs, Inclusion Managers, Pastoral Leaders, Governors.
NEXT COURSE :  31st January, 2018
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Here is what some others have said about this course:

“Really enjoyed this and learnt lots. Thank you. – Especially as I didn’t know much before hand.”

  • It was a great venue for exploring a difficult subject something about it felt safe and not impersonal. Fantastic food too J  I felt nurtured during a twilight session that just flew by.

“Made me realise how few members of staff in my setting have had this type of training – more need to hear this!”
“Many thanks for a good ‘trauma’ session. You gave me a nurturing, safe, experience in which to learn. The trauma message that you are delivering is really important to raise awareness & compassion for traumatized children.”

  • Listening to your explanation of trauma and gaining more understanding brought numerous children’s names to mind. Listing specific children made us realise quite how many children may just be ‘surviving’ in school and your guidance will be invaluable in helping us to support them more successfully.

“Thank you. Very informative. Lots to think about. Positive ideas on how to move forward. Fabulous presentation.”
“I really enjoyed how it was delivered – mind, body + soul, and in a way that is relevant and easy to understand.”

  • It was really beneficial for two members of staff to attend the course. Discussing what we had learned, whilst on the journey home, meant we were able to bounce ideas off each other and come up with a plan of action to begin to help the children in our school!

“You covered a lot of territory in an accessible style. Thank you”

  • We want to go back to some of our children’s behaviour logs and consider their actions again in light of the understanding we now have.

“The setting was relaxed, friendly, food was amazing – homely feeling. Thank you.”
Giving us some understanding of the ‘science’ and the reason for why some of our children might behave in the way they do was really important.

  • Having knowledge of some of the behaviours that traumatised children might exhibit has made me question the label or diagnosis they have been given and the approaches we are using to support a child! We will be reconsidering how we are supporting them and maybe altering interventions or support that they are currently receiving – some of which is having little impact :-/

“It made me realise I have experienced trauma – it made me think and I could relate a lot to this. We need this training in school.”
“Very informative and kept my attention throughout. I enjoyed the training and feel much more confident now in understanding PTSD.”

See you there?