NEW DATE – Sept 21st, 2016 – In Partnership with Pye Green Academy….
If you work in a school with children or young people then it is likely that some of them have experienced trauma…and may still be in a state of post traumatic stress, which will be affecting their ability to learn and their behaviour.

I have come to know a fair bit about trauma… through my therapeutic training and over 10 years experience, Masters research and real life lessons! From this combination of knowledge and real-lived experience I want to help more professionals understand how trauma impacts a child and what to do to help them.
Would it be helpful for your staff team to get some more understanding on what this all really means? To learn together about the impact traumatic experiences can have on children and what they can be doing to help these children have a better experience in school? 


Wednesday September 21st, 2016    4-6pm

Pye Green Academy, Rose Hill, Hednesford, STAFFS. WS12 4RT
people-working-together-as-a-team-104067.jpegIt is really exciting to be delivering this course again in partnership with PYE GREEN ACADEMY, who are hosting the evening. They have ALL been through this training and found it so helpful they are making it available to other local schools. We have had extra special feedback from staff who have attended together and been able to reflect throughout the training what it means for their school / phase / year group…so you will notice schools wanting to send more than 1 person will receive better value all round. Bring a car load of staff, get a greater impact for your school AND get the bargain price. You will be so pleased you did. Crucial info is downloadable below.
PS They have a lovely hall – but it won’t fit everyone, so if you want to book places, best to get it done ASAP.
Crucial Information : EVENT FLYER             Booking Form (Word)


This training course can be tailored and delivered as an INSET session or twilight. It gives anyone working with children a great foundation of understanding trauma, the impact for children, insight into what life might be like in their shoes and how best to help them.
Many schools have appreciated learning this with SLT, teachers, LSAs, pastoral and other support staff together. 

[To arrange this course in your school or area PLEASE GET IN TOUCH]
If you have any other questions, just let us know.
Here is what some others have said about this course:

    • Staff were still coming up to me and thanking me for arranging this for days afterwards… this is NOT USUAL for a twilight session!
  • Really enjoyed this and learnt lots. Thank you. – Especially as I didn’t know much before hand.
  • It made me realise I have experienced trauma – it made me think and I could relate a lot to this. We need this training in school.
  • Very informative and kept my attention throughout. I enjoyed the training and feel much more confident now in understanding PTSD.
  • I found it to be very interesting and informative and certainly learnt a lot and realize connections to ch in class.
  • BRILLIANT!! Will be able to use the information and go back to my children and look at the situation differently.
  • really interesting & informative. Extremely engaging speaker. Would be happy to hear more on this at another time.
  • I feel I learnt so much from this intro course when I THOUGHT I knew something about it. Very interesting and lots to work on.
  • the training was very informative. It can be applied to many situations.
  • very useful, has flagged up a lot of children who have displayed some of the signs – this has made me think differently about how we could proceed.
  • very thought provoking. Made me think of many children in our school (& adults). Thank you.
  • I really enjoyed this session. It was really well delivered and I would love to learn more on this subject. The whole 1 1/2 hours was fabulous – lots of great ideas for children and staff.
  • I thought this training was a great eye opener and I found it very useful. I would like the opportunity to have more training on this.
  • a real eye opener for me professionally and personally! Thank you so much.