not feeling wellThat feeling of getting through a day in school with all the usual demands?
That feeling of getting through a day in school with all the usual demands AND feeling like you are coming down with (or already have) something?
You might be interested to read this – sent in from one of the SLT teachers who had asked for CHEW recommendations to support her health.

I’ve been taking the products you recommended to me back in December for 4 months.
And I’m happy to report I’ve got through a twelve week term with only one sore throat 🙂
(Decquacaine and Chloraseptic usually got me through the day when my tonsils started reacting but I haven’t needed any. My one episode of a sore throat lasted a day and went after gargling with salt water. Brilliant!)
It’s very unusual for me not to have sore throats, ear aches and streaming colds through the term – and we have had a particularly awful term of school bugs!
  • Slapped cheek,
  • hand, foot and mouth,
  • shingles,
  • whooping cough,
  • scarlet fever,
  • flu,
  • tonsillitis and
  • chicken pox to name but a few. [Ed – a few??!!]
  • With a really nasty D & V bug going through school as well as
  • the usual viral and
  • bacterial infections

….the immune systems of our staff and children have taken a battering. 

So I’m pleased and relieved to be able to say that I haven’t been ill this term 🙂
Since I’ve been dutifully taking my nutritional products I’ve managed to avoid any time off work, and haven’t had to ‘push-through’ at work either.
Our school has recently academised and gone through a very stressful time of change for the staff which should also have taken it’s toll on me… But I appear to be the only member of staff who hasn’t had a day off since then. Hmmm… Go figure!
So I just wanted to thank you for your recommendations and let you know I will continue to take these nutritionals and enjoy the consequences!