Those who are familiar with the CHEW ethos, will know that we like to work holistically wherever possible.

It is so important as health; physical, mental and emotional well-being IS all connected. We understand how stress impacts a body and wherever we can, we help others understand that too. Children who have experienced a high level of stress early in life often have lasting impact from lack of nutrients at key developmental times. Whatever has happened to us in life, there are some things that our body needs that can only come through our mouth, and it is so special when parents understand this, make changes and children’s lives get better.

In their words:-

“We have two adopted siblings both of whom display attachment issues and struggle at school with concentration, emotional and social behaviour.

After discussions with Claire we recently considered and then ordered particular dietary supplements with a view to helping the children in two ways. 

Firstly, we recognised that whilst they have a very good and varied diet their anxiety levels may be a barrier to them absorbing all the nutrients they need and therefore supplements may be required.  Secondly, to see if their concentration could be improved.

We have been a little skeptical in the past about supplements, but are happy that Claire and her colleagues have done enough research to feel confident in this particular company.  We would not invest in cheaper alternatives.

Our children have been taking this nutritional support for about 5 months.

At home we have noticed that the children have been more willing and able to sit and do small chunks of homework. Our daughter especially willing to do it on her own, extremely unusual! Their concentration and ability to think seems to be improving.

At school, following parents evening and update meetings we have been told how well they are both doing in the classroom.  They are less “noticeable” in class and are able to complete tasks with much less assistance.  This is a real step forward.

There could be any number of coincidences for these changes but we do feel that the supplements have played a vital part.

The children like taking them and will remind us if we have forgotten to put them out.”

Adoptive Parents, SOLIHULL