What can seem like such a small thing can actually have a massive impact on a child.

When a child is working with a therapist in school, when that therapist cannot be there HOW THE MESSAGE is communicated to that child is CRUCIAL.

I know from personal experience what can happen if this is not done well. For one boy it meant he no longer had trust in me and shut down his therapy sessions all together. (The full story is here).

I have seen this situation mishandled in schools since and it has bothered me enough to put together a short guide which you can download now for FREE.

Procedures for Therapist Absence-cover

  • Understand WHY this is such a big deal
  • Procedures ALL your key staff (including admin team) to follow when this happens
  • WHO should communicate with the child, HOW and WHERE
  • EXACTLY what to SAY to keep the child as emotionally safe as possible
  • Other things to consider around this time

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“This is a great document that will be really useful for staff to see the gravity of their/ our actions and the impact it might have on a child.”


“This is an extremely useful document that I am about to pass on to all the schools I work in. Easy to read and understand and something that all schools and other organisations who employ play therapists should read.”


“Thanks so much for this. It’s brilliant! Thank you for enabling us all to share this in our practice and well done for putting together such a concise and helpful piece of work.”