Dear Headteacher

Before I get on with follow-up emails for everyone I saw this morning, I wanted to take a moment to write and officially thank you.

Thank you

 I want to thank you for the way you are choosing to lead your school.

 Thank you for making time and allowing your staff to have access to training around Essential Health and Safety – the real things everyone needs to know if they are working in a school.

Thank you for allowing them to have time and space to consider themselves in the busyness of school life, and especially end-of-term-itis.

Thank you too, for allowing me to provide initial, confidential follow-up chats with all those that wanted them – during school time.

I recognise that not many other schools out there are doing this, and yet you are making decisions based on your children’s best interests – and you understand that that inherently means the well-being of your staff first and foremost.

 fish - different

I know this way of working may seem like a somewhat ‘different’ approach, as many schools are expecting their staff to cope with the stress, manage themselves, be calm around the children, continue to function at a high level and all without the real information they need to understand HOW to do this.

Obviously what people choose to do with information is their own choice. I just want to acknowledge and thank you for giving your staff the chance to gain more understanding, and have wider choices around supporting their own resilience and well-being.


I thought you might like to know that these comments were all said to me in the 1:1s yesterday and today, or in emails since then:-

“I am so grateful to have this time to think about myself…”

“Just talking to you now I realise that….”

“What you were talking about the other day really connected with me, and I am so glad you are still here to help us with support if we want it – you haven’t just abandoned us.”

“I know it is time to make some changes…”

“That’s a really good idea – I think I could do that…”

“That other lady you were talking about last week…the teacher… I got all of that… she was just like me.”

“That quiz you gave us really made me stop and look at what is happening… what it is like for me.”

“Thank you so much for your time and help.”

“Thank you for spending the time with us all over the past couple of days – I know people have found the discussions valuable. ”

“After our talk I went home and had a really honest conversation with….”

“Thank you for your support – I already feel more positive.”

“Thank you for my session today. I really enjoyed chatting to you. I will have a look at the extra info you have sent me and be in touch asap to take the next step.”

We all know that who we are as people is what makes the biggest impact on the children. I am thoroughly grateful to be able to partner with a school like yours. Children, Health and Emotional Wellbeing ARE all connected and I know you understand this.

I look forward to the ongoing journey we will all make together.

All the best

Claire Wilson

Clinical Director

CHEW Initiatives

Children, Health & Emotional Wellbeing…. because it’s all connected.