Do you ever work with small groups or 1:1
Do children get sent to you throughout the day?
Do you wish you could guarantee that children felt safe being around you?
Do you wish you knew what to say and do to really help them be their best?
Not everyone can train to be a children’s therapist. However, with more and more children in schools who are struggling with life, everyone who interacts with children as part of their job, needs to know, and be proficient in, these ESSENTIAL Therapeutic Communication Skills.
To get the best out of a child is really quite simple, and yet day-by-day in schools, it can be hit and miss as to whether the child is en-abled or dis-abled by the adult communicating with them. Oftentimes staff are unaware of how to help not hinder a communication process with a child. For staff who are passionate about ‘best outcomes’ for children and staff (!) then this training is invaluable.
For anyone who regularly interacts with children, especially in small groups or 1:1, the core skills that EVERY children’s therapist knows inside out can make a big difference to each communication moment you have.
Helping all staff (SLT,   teachers,   LSAs,   TAs)  learn:-

  • how to communicate to keep a child emotionally safe
  • what to say and not say to help bring out their best
  • how to avoid the biggest blunders adults make that shut children down
  • the hardest part about communicating with children 

This training is a practical workshop – as the best way to learn and remember is to discover and do.

Come prepared to get involved.

Come open to experience.

Come ready to develop as a person and professional.

Go equipped, changed, better, effective.

THIS is a stand alone workshop, and is also the compulsory FIRST part of the further training in Therapeutic Communication Skills for Staff working with Children who have Experienced Trauma (booking info coming soon)

Next Events: 

DATES are now being planned for this course. If you would like to be notified when they are released, then let us know.
If you would like to discuss hosting a course for your local schools, or other groups (eg parents or carers)  then let’s connect.

“Thank you for a super informative course. I look forward to putting these new skills into practice.”


“Thank you – this has been very powerful and the experiences have certainly made an impact on me which will lead to changes in my practice.”


“Great couple of hours. Perspective feels like it has changed on how I handle things.”


“Thank you for making me think about how to conduct myself and remembering that children have a voice too. I found your course brilliant.”


“”Thank you! Very calming approach to learning.”


“Another fab session that will really impact on the children.”


“Thank you for a very insightful workshop. I hopefully will take this with me and use it within my day to day practice.”


“The impact the training has had on me has been huge.”


“I often walk away from a course and feel I have so much to do and so much to implement – most of which is put on a back burner. However, without having to take away hand-outs or a ‘to do’ list, my learning from this training has somehow been unfolding as I have mulled over different elements of the course.”


“During this school week in my interactions with children, staff and parents I seem to have had a different focus and have been so aware of my conversations and actions – and the impact I do or don’t have.”