Everybody knows that children should feel safe when they are at school. It is the hope of every parent and every adult working in a school…and yet the reality is often very different.
Whilst it is helpful as a stand-alone event, this training works best as a follow-on to the Introduction to Understanding Trauma.
It covers:-

  • Feeling safe is nice – but why is it important?
  • Latest trauma research and what that means for learning.
  • How do we get to feeling safe?
  • The neuro-science of safety, and what that means in school.
  • Tried and tested examples of ways to make school a safer place for all children.

Considering all children (not just those who have been through tough stuff in life) staff will explore 4 simple yet powerful areas to focus on to help children feel emotionally safe.
DELIVERY : As a twilight (90 mins) or 1/2 day INSET session

FEEDBACK from past attendees

Another thought provoking meeting that has given me insight into the way I can continue to support emotionally scarred children to be safe and happy.
Thank you. So much to try out again to support so many of our children. The declaration is so powerful and hits home to me about my assumptions / actions when talking to a child.
The examples of how to question the children to empower them will be VERY useful!
Thought provoking, enabling me to look past the behaviour and see the child.
Tonight has made me reconsider some of the behaviour/actions that I have seen and how I have potentially created them. How I do things differently to avoid situations arising + how to ‘bring them back’ is more of a challenge but determined to do it!
Very useful session, thank you! Will definitely think about changes I can make. Does make you think more about circumstances.
Very thought provoking for my children at home as well as at school.
Thank you!      I wonder how safe all the children in my class feel?
You have given me ideas to do and say when children need to self-soothe.
Will try hard to use the ideas from tonight into my classroom routine.
To produce a ‘quieter’ learning environment.
Really useful and thought provoking as always. I never really considered my classroom environment! 
Thank you for another thought provoking session.    It has made me consider some interactions with children and think about how I can change these for the better.
Thank you, this training resonated with my own personal journey of recovery from anxiety.
Thoughtful training with many things to consider and implement.
Overwhelming.    New reflection.     Eye opening.   Deep and thoughtful.
Very interesting again. Will be trying out new ways of wording things at home and in the classroom. Many thanks.