Life starts throwing things at us from when we are small – and we learn to navigate, deal with, overcome or stuff them.
Regardless, they have an impact on us, and so many parents find that ‘parenting’ brings many of these unresolved experiences and tensions to the surface. Being with an anxious parent always has an impact on children.
I am so proud of this Mum who trusted me enough to take me up on my suggestion she try learning TRE.
In just a few sessions she felt and LOOKED so different!
In her own words though…
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My journey started with Claire in January 2017.

I’ve always suffered with bouts of anxiety throughout my life,

usually when the stresses of life, illness, loss, family, work, etc, become hard to deal with.

Over a number of weeks I’ve tried to fix everything, everyone and myself when this happens.
But sometimes you can’t! and that’s when I’m in trouble.

So you try to hide it, carry on, and store these feelings.

In the past I have had to go to the doctors.

But this time I met Claire, and decided to try TRE.

I suppose at first I was unsure about it, skeptical, not quite sure whether it would help.

But after 2 sessions I started to understand it and feel the benefits in my own body.

I started to release underlying tension, stress, thoughts, aches and pains, that I’d tucked away for a long time.

My body and my mind feel so much better,
relaxed muscles, neck pain gone, and even foot pain (from Plantar Fasciitis) getting better
and my mind doesn’t worry so much.

I suppose I concentrate more in today rather than what might happen.

I practice TRE at home now 3 times a week, and it does work.

I would like to thank Claire for her time, patience, and helping me heal myself.

We all have these times in our life, TRE helps so much, the natural way.

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TRE is a powerful tool being used across the world to help people of all ages release tension from their bodies.
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