“We Feel Supplements Played a Vital Part” ~ Testimony from Adopting Parents

“We Feel Supplements Played a Vital Part” ~ Testimony from Adopting Parents

Those who are familiar with the CHEW ethos, will know that we like to work holistically wherever possible.

It is so important as health; physical, mental and emotional well-being IS all connected. We understand how stress impacts a body and wherever we can, we help others understand that too. Children who have experienced a high level of stress early in life often have lasting impact from lack of nutrients at key developmental times. Whatever has happened to us in life, there are some things that our body needs that can only come through our mouth, and it is so special when parents understand this, make changes and children’s lives get better.

In their words:-

“We have two adopted siblings both of whom display attachment issues and struggle at school with concentration, emotional and social behaviour.

After discussions with Claire we recently considered and then ordered particular dietary supplements with a view to helping the children in two ways. 

Firstly, we recognised that whilst they have a very good and varied diet their anxiety levels may be a barrier to them absorbing all the nutrients they need and therefore supplements may be required.  Secondly, to see if their concentration could be improved.

We have been a little skeptical in the past about supplements, but are happy that Claire and her colleagues have done enough research to feel confident in this particular company.  We would not invest in cheaper alternatives.

Our children have been taking this nutritional support for about 5 months.

At home we have noticed that the children have been more willing and able to sit and do small chunks of homework. Our daughter especially willing to do it on her own, extremely unusual! Their concentration and ability to think seems to be improving.

At school, following parents evening and update meetings we have been told how well they are both doing in the classroom.  They are less “noticeable” in class and are able to complete tasks with much less assistance.  This is a real step forward.

There could be any number of coincidences for these changes but we do feel that the supplements have played a vital part.

The children like taking them and will remind us if we have forgotten to put them out.”

Adoptive Parents, SOLIHULL

“I haven’t been ill this term” A Solution for Staff Illness?

“I haven’t been ill this term” A Solution for Staff Illness?

not feeling wellThat feeling of getting through a day in school with all the usual demands?
That feeling of getting through a day in school with all the usual demands AND feeling like you are coming down with (or already have) something?
You might be interested to read this – sent in from one of the SLT teachers who had asked for CHEW recommendations to support her health.

I’ve been taking the products you recommended to me back in December for 4 months.
And I’m happy to report I’ve got through a twelve week term with only one sore throat 🙂
(Decquacaine and Chloraseptic usually got me through the day when my tonsils started reacting but I haven’t needed any. My one episode of a sore throat lasted a day and went after gargling with salt water. Brilliant!)
It’s very unusual for me not to have sore throats, ear aches and streaming colds through the term – and we have had a particularly awful term of school bugs!
  • Slapped cheek,
  • hand, foot and mouth,
  • shingles,
  • whooping cough,
  • scarlet fever,
  • flu,
  • tonsillitis and
  • chicken pox to name but a few. [Ed – a few??!!]
  • With a really nasty D & V bug going through school as well as
  • the usual viral and
  • bacterial infections

….the immune systems of our staff and children have taken a battering. 

So I’m pleased and relieved to be able to say that I haven’t been ill this term 🙂
Since I’ve been dutifully taking my nutritional products I’ve managed to avoid any time off work, and haven’t had to ‘push-through’ at work either.
Our school has recently academised and gone through a very stressful time of change for the staff which should also have taken it’s toll on me… But I appear to be the only member of staff who hasn’t had a day off since then. Hmmm… Go figure!
So I just wanted to thank you for your recommendations and let you know I will continue to take these nutritionals and enjoy the consequences!

5 years on – the story after trauma…

It was 5 years ago yesterday (2009) that I was involved in a road traffic accident… self-reflection
So not surprisingly, I have been quietly reflecting on all that has happened since.

If you have ever heard me talk about it or read my book After The Crash, you will know that one of the best things that was said to me in the few days after the crash, was a question from my brother.
He simply said “when you are through this, what do you want to come out of it?”
It was a brilliant thing to say on 2 counts – 1: in saying ‘when you are through this’ he acknowledged that there would be a healing journey to come and it was ok for me to be not there yet, and 2: helped me to have and articulate a positive vision for how to use this experience.
My answer was also 2 fold – 1: I want to be able to get in a car and drive again without thinking about it and 2: I want to be able to us this experience to help other people.

540_293_resize_20121201_f14f958c451db88c59c9099bdf8e4c91_jpgSo looking back over the last 5 years, these are some of the things that have happened.

1. I am driving easily again. It took time and BABY steps when I was ready to conquer each one: getting in a car, getting in the drivers seat, driving with support, driving on my own, driving at night, driving on dual carriage ways, driving on motorways, driving past lorries, driving to new places for the first time, driving on THE motor way, driving past the actual spot.
2. I have experienced first hand going through the ups and downs of being someone who was diagnosed with PTSD. I’ve learnt a lot!
I’ve learnt it is not a life sentence – unless you choose it to be.
I know there is hope. Traumatic experiences are about being faced with the possibility of death. Healing can bring you to a place where you are focused on life again.
Working with just words and talking will never get people free from the experience of trauma – it impacts the body first and foremost and the body remembers.

So what else has happened in these 5 years?

1. Being a sounding board for friends who knew they could ask me questions or advice for other friends who were involved with RTAs following mine.
2. Discovering TRE and becoming a qualified practitioner – equipped to help other people learn how to release trauma safely, become grounded and stabilize their nervous system, without having to talk about what happened.
3. Completing an MA, focusing research on working with Mums who have experienced multiple trauma. The impact this work can have indirectly on their children can be enormous!
4. Delivering training in schools to help staff begin to understand more about the children they are working with and how best to support them.
5. Gently, but professionally challenging mis-diagnosis for certain children who were referred to me for Play Therapy – GPs have agreed that it wasn’t ADHD but PTSD – inappropriate medications have been stopped.
6. Supporting parents to understand why their children are doing what they are doing…and how to respond from a place of empowered insight rather then bewilderment, frustration and fear.
7. Writing an Ebook that has been read by so many people – therapists, counselors teachers and Family Support workers, friends and family of people who’ve been through trauma (not just car crashes) as well as the survivors themselves, with some very touching feedback.
8. Spotting children in schools and out, who have been through trauma and recognising the language of their demeanor and behaviour, and explaining their language to those working with them daily.
9. Advising children’s homes in Morocco and Mongolia where trauma is a common factor for the whole community.

Hmmmm. Well, this was supposed to be a short post…

It is interesting really how I have quite surprised myself at all the things that have come out of the experience I went through that started 5 years ago. How easily we can forget….and how important it is to mark our milestones and acknowledge the good fruit even from a horrible experience. I think it is safe to say my second hope has happened as well… And still is.

It seemed really appropriate to spend the day yesterday with an entire staff team of a primary school in Birmingham, helping them understand the reality of trauma better… For the children, the whole school community and for themselves. So many of them came up to me through the day to have a quick chat 1:1. They have been through it too…

Trauma truly is a hidden epidemic. It is affecting lives, relationships, families, schools, health and potential. It’s impact can seem huge. But I still believe there is hope. It just needs each of us to get real, acknowledge what has happened, pursue our own healing journey and keep going. If any of this resonates with you, then let me leave you with that question too…

“When you are through this, what do you want to come out of it?”

Why I wrote ‘After The Crash – eBook’

There seem to be so many people out there who, like me, have been through the experience of a car crash and survived, but they don’t really know what to do in the first days, weeks or months to help themselves recover and heal their mind as well as body.

I believe that this is a major reason for a lot of post traumatic stress that people don’t even realise they have…yet it affects them, and those around them in all sorts of ways; moods, snappy, emotional, struggling to articulate what you mean, concentration, planning etc are just a few…

All of these are symptoms of stress that show the impact of the trauma is still sitting in the body, and it can still be there even after months or years.

People often feel like they are going mad, because they don’t understand the changes in them and their personality or ability.
The people living with them often start to wonder if their loved one is going mad too, because they don’t understand either…

Obviously not everyone who experiences a car accident will be like this – but it is amazing how many people I have spoken to, who really relate. It is actually very common – and not because of madness!

So I wrote After the Crash – eBook. I wanted to see if I could offer some practical help and encouragement to survivors and their friends, family and colleagues.  Obviously my professional therapeutic training fed into it – but I purposely kept it all really simple and easy to read. I remember what it was like trying to read something after my crash!
The feedback I have had already is just humbling – even people who know someone who had a crash years ago, now seem to be understanding what they went through in a whole new way.

If you want to check it out for yourself then you can buy the e-book here

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After the Crash Book

After the Crash eBook

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with you ebook. I particularly like the way it is set out; small bite sized pieces of information – absolutely vital for those who have recently experienced trauma. I hope that one day your book will be given to everyone who presents at their GP or A&E Department after a car crash. Being given a copy of this book immediately following a collision might prevent years of unnecessary suffering.
Jan – Therapist, Supervisor, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner

Thank you so much for sharing this Claire. She (friend) burst into tears when she read it and said ‘someone really understands what she is going through’. You are an angel.
Clive – Firefighter

Thanks so much for taking the time to put all this together. Fantastic advice. I’m certain it will help my friend. Especially for all the hidden and underlying issues that you couldn’t hope to be aware of. Thank again.
S – Youth Worker

Thank you for everything… you’ve been the first person to take me seriously & understand. As you suggested I went to the GP and he signed me off for a week. I burst into tears when I sat down! My partner’s told me not to cry as it’s bad for me as it tenses me up…you get some idea of what I’m living with!! This ebook is going to help us both!!
C – Psychologist